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Confidence, Courage, Community

"This is somewhere to be part of something great. Not only the arts and love of dance, and staying active, but teamwork, leadership, and confidence building." - Heather Larrow, Mother of Three BSOD Dancers ages 3, 4, 8

Our Lime Green Family Values


Bluffton School of Dance Mission Statement:

To give our community courage so that they may follow their hearts.

BSOD Studio Values

Acceptance To accept and celebrate each dancer and each family as they are, to embrace their quirks, their amazing attributes, their successes and their struggles and to promote acceptance, empathy and understanding in both our young dancers and our community.

Individuality To celebrate each unique dancer and family that enters our studio, to encourage dancers to be original, to help dancers find their unique wonderful qualities and to help all who experience BSOD understand that original and different is fabulous.

PassionTo pass on our passion for teaching and dance to the next generation, to help kids find their passion in life and art, to promote being passionate about something – even if it isn’t dance.

Confidence To help dancers believe in themselves, to help young men and women see themselves as strong, to promote courageous attempts and celebrate even the tiniest success, and to help our families understand that confidence is one of the most important factors in success and fulfilling their dreams.

CourageTo encourage, promote and celebrate bravery, to help students and families find the strength to pursue their dreams, goals and wishes and to reward baby steps and risks over perfection.


    BSOD is not just a Dance Studio - our Families become part of our Lime Green Family and STAY a part of our Lime Green Family for the beautiful Family Experience we provide each and every BSOD Family. We strive to make your life easy, stress free and full of joy! CLICK BELOW to see how we create an amazing EXPERIENCE for your family - instead of just another stressful after school activity!

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