Benefits of Summer Dance at BSOD

Happy summer BSOD families! Doesn’t it feel GREAT? We hope you’ve all carved out some time to hit the beach and plan a barbeque! 

Summer is a great time to check off all the fun things you always WANT to do but never have time during the hustle and bustle of the school year. Vacation time is often at the top of people’s list… rightfully so! But here at BSOD, we think Summer Dance should also make that list for SO many reasons.

Summer is a great opportunity for growth. Every summer, we watch students progress during our summer offerings and impress us when they come back in the fall. No to mention how FUN it is, because there is no stressing about getting ready for recital… kids can really JUST DANCE it out! 

So we put together a list. Check out our 5 favorite benefits of summer dance at BSOD:


  1. Maintaining a regular schedule. This one is a huge plus for parents, especially for those with younger kids. When kids try to head back to school after 3 months of a free-for-all schedule, the adjustment period can get a little wonky! Kids often need a consistent schedule to keep their behavior in check. 

    Our fun-filled summer camps are a great way to give your kids some stability over the summer. Having something on the schedule can break up the summer and building a little structure in even a week at a time is beneficial. You will thank us in the Fall!

  2. Our Summer Camps for Preschool and Elementary students are PERFECT boredom busters! How many times are you planning on hearing those 3 dreaded awful words this summer? If you’ve already heard “I’m bored!!!” come out of your child’s mouth one too many times, it’s time to register for our exciting, fun-filled camps.

    For our preschoolers, our themes in July include Dance with my Dolly: Passport to Paris and Wonderful Whimsical Fairies! Preschool dance in Bluffton has NEVER been more exciting! For our elementary students, each week is a fun new adventure that includes a whole lot of dance, crafting, and laughter! We think the most important thing about our camps is that these camps take the pressure off of YOU to plan fun for your child this summer. 

  3. Kids can focus on dance without the added stress of the school year. As parents, I’m sure you can attest to your kids schedule being CRAZY during the year. After a long day at school, they jump from activity to activity and usually have homework constantly hanging over their head. As dance teachers, we feel their stress when they come to class.

    Summer is a chance to leave that behind and come dance with a clear mind and stress-free attitude. Trust us, we definitely see worlds more progress in the summer because our kids come to class focused and energized rather than exhausted. Summer is the perfect time to dive into dance. 

  4. Stretching… it’s a must! We tell our dancers this in class ALL the time, but flexibility is not a skill that comes easy! It requires constant and consistent stretching. Dancers should really be stretching every day to see real progress in flexibility, but any little bit helps.

    If you come back in the fall after not stretching for 3 months, we promise your splits will be about a foot higher than before! Don’t let all your hard work go out the window! Sign up for camps and July classes to make sure you keep your flexibility over the summer.

  5. Summer is the perfect time to try a new class! Are you new to BSOD? Does your child dance around at home ALL the time? We are offering a 2-week session for new families and BSOD siblings! Watch your dancer immediately begin to grow in confidence, courage, and individuality as we welcome them to the magical world of dance at BSOD! This exciting 2 weeks of dance is solely focused on YOU, our newest members of the Lime Green Dance Family! Register here! 

    We are offering this same 2-week trial session for our returning students as well! We’d love to see you all back in our studio trying a new dance style! You never know, you could find your new favorite! 

We LOVE summer dance at BSOD! Can you tell? We’ve put together our best line-up of summer camps and classes yet and we hope to see you all there!