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Silver lining of online dance classes – benefits of learning in a NEW way!

The past couple of months have been tough! Finding a sense of normalcy and sticking to a schedule has been a struggle for the whole family. As parents, we’ve been inundated with emails, webinars, video conference calls, courses, and the list goes on as our world transitions to virtual. How can these online resources actually benefit our families in the long run? This is why BSOD has carefully crafted our Virtual Dance Studio to support your family and your dancer’s training through this pandemic and beyond. 

Let’s look at the silver lining and how we can grow from these obstacles. We’re all about #limegreenlove and positivity in our community, so let’s lean in and make the best of our current situation. 

What are the benefits of learning in a new way with online dance classes?

  • Adapting to change.

Being adaptable and navigating the many challenges that disrupt our lives is an extremely important skill to have in dance and life. By taking classes at home, your child is learning in a new setting through a new method. This is an emotional and physical adjustment that takes practice and determination but our amazing faculty is there every step of the way. Challenge your child with online dance classes with an art form that instills the importance of community, confidence, and creativity.

  • Take it at your pace.

The beauty of online learning is the ability to rewind, fast-forward, and pause videos during your classes. Imagine having a question and being able to pause your teacher and take a deeper look at a step. Your dancer will have the ability to hone their skills through repetition while instilling a home practice. Even after we return to the studio, your dancer will be more inclined to use their time at home productively by improving their technique and cross-training. Plus, you have the added bonus of taking class on your own time giving you flexibility and freedom in your schedule.

  • Be responsible for your own training.

Taking care of our bodies and living a healthy lifestyle from home is unbelievably difficult. It takes strong willpower to pick yourself up from melting in the couch and start training. Motivation can be a learned practice by setting structure and forming new habits. Doing hard things during difficult times builds strong character and work ethic in your child. Beyond technique and endurance, dance is a physical and emotional outlet that can support your child through these rocky times.

Dance has so much to offer our families and larger community! Even from home, online dance classes can further your kiddo’s dance training and enhance their life skills. Our dance classes look different right now but the show must go on and dance must continue. Come join our #limegreencommunity online with our Virtual Dance School. We’re even offering virtual options for our Summer Camps! See you online!

thankful for dance

Why We are Thankful for Dance

November is a beautiful reminder to reflect and show gratitude for the people, places, and things that fill our lives with happiness. What makes us burst with joy this holiday season? At Bluffton School of Dance, we have so many things to be grateful for, but at the top of our list, we’re thankful for dance!

Nothing brings a bigger smile to our face than seeing our studios filled with inspired dancers twirling, tapping, and tumbling. We’ve decided to share with you why we’re thankful for dance today and every day.

You Better WERK!

No matter what anyone says, dance is an athletic sport that takes rigorous training and mastery of coordination, strength, flexibility, stamina…. and the list goes on. With such high standards in training, we’re thankful to have dance in our lives to instill and inspire a work ethic like no other sport. Dance teaches us that hard work pays off, AND we can have loads of fun while we work towards our BSOD dance goals.

FREE Therapy

We’ve all been there – had a bad day, went to dance class, and came out SMILING! Yes, our BSOD teachers have a magic touch, but it’s also because dance can be our own personal form of therapy. Dance is a creative outlet and a form of expression. It allows us to grapple, explore, and interpret our feelings through movement. It’s actually scientifically proven that dance releases more endorphins than aerobic movement meaning dance = PURE JOY!

Dance is for Everyone!

The most beautiful thing about dance is the simplest – dance is for anyone! Any age, gender, ethnicity, body type, human or not. Dance is a universal form of expression meaning it knows no boundaries. With so many different perspectives, dance celebrates individuality. Yes, we learn our combinations and clean our routines, but dance allows us to be individuals like snowflakes in winter. No one moves like you, and that’s what makes you so special!


The most amazing benefit of having dance in our lives is the community we’ve built and the connection we have in our #limegreenfamily. Our dance family isn’t like your average studio, our parents ROCK! They go above and beyond for each other and BSOD. We witness our students put their heart and soul into their training and see continual growth year after year. BSOD teachers are passionate creatives who constantly amaze us with their dedication to our students and our dance community. Dance brought us together, but YOU make us a family!

We’re feeling extra thankful this holiday season for the gift that keeps on giving. Dance continually inspires, teaches, and connects our world. Don’t forget to show your body generous appreciation over the break and maybe an EXTRA slice of pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving you #limegreenturkeys! 

Best dance studio in Bluffton

Why BSOD Is Different

We’re feeling extra *power pose* bold about this statement: Bluffton School of Dance is the BEST dance studio in Bluffton! There are plenty of dance studios to choose from for your little one, but no one comes close to our #limegreenfamily. When you enroll in a class at BSOD you watch your child SOAR with confidence, BLOSSOM with courage, and SHINE with love and acceptance.

We’ve decided to pull back the curtain and reveal our secret sauce! We’d like to share with you what makes BSOD stand out from all the other great studios in Bluffton:

  • #limegreenfamily

First and foremost, cue Sister Sledge, because WE ARE FAMILY! BSOD is not just a dance studio, it’s a second home for our students and families. Dance brings us together, but our community holds us tight. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into creating a supportive and accepting environment for students of all ages and backgrounds to take RISKS and THRIVE.

  • Reaching out from within!

Not only do we want to impact the lives of our students but we want to take it ONE STEP FURTHER and connect with the WHOLE COMMUNITY. We offer open community events throughout the year to open our doors and extend our reach. We’re oozing with #limegreenlove and we just want to share it with everyone. Our next event is one for the books! Don’t miss our Daddy Daughter Dance on November 8th with tickets now on sale for $35/couple. Purchase those tickets by emailing:

  • BSOD Performance Program

Our Performance Program is full of dancers who LOVE dancing, LOVE performing, and LOVE working hard in class. This program is a GREAT place for dancers to be part of a team with extra performance opportunities. Who doesn’t love that?! Our Pre-Performance and Local Limelights are highlighted throughout our community at local events bringing dance to the people. Look out for monthly updates to see where our dancers are performing next in Beaufort County. We are always looking for passionate dancers to join us!

  • The Glue

Last but certainly not least, our staff is comprised of top-notch educators and passionate lovers of dance. Our teachers are the glue that keeps our family strong, instilling confidence and creativity into the lives of every little kiddo that walks through our door. We take pride in a team that fills our walls with equal parts sweat and laughter. Meet our team online today!

We are a passionate family with a deep love of sharing dance with our students, families, and community. Bluffton School of Dance is the BEST dance studio in Bluffton, and we are proud of the family we’ve built, the programs we’ve created, and the community we instill. Let our family be your family!

trial dance classes

How to Get the Most Out of Your Intro Class Package

With the kiddos back in school (FINALLY!) and fall creeping around the corner, it’s time to shake off summer and embrace the change of season. Let’s start by getting our ducks in a row and our little one’s squared away in their activities. Fall is the PERFECT time to try something new and Bluffton School of Dance has you covered with our intro dance classes.

Maybe your little one has been dancing around the yard all summer long? Or you want to dust off those old tap shoes and shuffle to class? Not sure if dance is your thing or your child’s passion? Sometimes you need to test the water before you dive right in, and that’s why BSOD offers trial dance classes.

Attending an intro dance class at BSOD is the BEST way to make sure our studio is a great fit for your family. BSOD offers a Two-Week Intro Class Package in classes with availability for just $40. If you register, the $40 gets applied to your Registration Fee. It’s a GREAT way to try classes before you commit!

To get the most out of your Intro Class Package, we gathered a few tips to fully submerge yourself and your little one at BSOD:

1. Meet the team

Interacting with staff is SUPER important when testing out a new studio. Notice the teachers and how they interact with you and your little one. At BSOD, you’ll instantly feel the #limegreenlove and that’s what makes us a family. We put our students and families first. During your intro class package, you will feel the BSOD difference in our customer service. 

2. Home Sweet Home

What do you feel when you walk into the studio? We highly recommend taking a full studio tour to get the lay of the land. You’ll see first hand that BSOD provides a clean and spacious studio for our students to thrive in. Our studio becomes a second home for many of our students and families. We do our best to make sure that it’s a place you want to spend time in!

3. Class time is the best time

Observe a class and notice the teacher-student dynamic. Do the students look engaged and happy? Talk to other parents around you and ask for first hand testimonials. What do you see and hear? Our teachers make sure to engage each student in class. We work on individual and group goals in all of our classes. The result? Confident dancers who improve every year and most importantly,  love what they do! 


Ask anything and everything that comes to mind. Our staff is here for you and the kiddos to make sure that you feel comfortable and welcomed at BSOD. Our intro class package is the perfect time to ask questions about our programs, teachers, and policies. We encourage all new families to pop by the front desk or chat with teachers at the end of class to get to know what we offer. 

At Bluffton School of Dance, we’re a dance family. During our trial class packages, we open our doors to students of all ages to learn, grow and have a great time. We hope you’ll give our Intro Class Package a test drive. Happy dancing and see you at the studio!

Teen dance classes in Buffton

Starting Classes for an Older Dancer

Late to the party? Or right on time!

Loads of people believe dance classes are meant for little kids, but we’d like to disagree. Bluffton School of Dance believes dance is for EVERYONE! That’s right – there is no expiration to your dance training. Whether you suddenly have an itch to move or you’re jumping back into dance classes, age is just a number. If you’re looking for teen dance classes in Bluffton, we have you covered!

Martha Graham, Rudolf Nureyev, and José Limón ALL started dance at a more mature age. The fabulous Misty Copeland started dance at the age of 13. She went on to become the FIRST African American woman Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theatre. Don’t let the thought of starting something new prevent you from experiencing greatness. It’s never too late to begin, and we’re here to help!

Our blog post today, offers guidance and inspiration to those pre-teen and teen movers looking to start dance classes. You haven’t missed the train, you’re right on time!

Tips to starting dance as an older student!

1.Pas de bou-what?!

Dance has a unique vocabulary specific to the genre and class you’re studying. DON’T BE ALARMED! Like any new language, it takes time to learn the vocabulary. These steps are always demonstrated in class by your teacher, so use your eyes and let the words slowly sink in.

2. Playing catchup

Don’t let the fear of starting something new hold you back. Use that motivation and passion for dance to your benefit. By putting in the time and focus, you’ll excel at a faster rate than a younger dancer because of your drive and work ethic.

3. Practice makes permanent

Practice for muscle memory and coordination but most importantly STRETCH AT HOME! Through repetition and consistency, your body will learn and adapt to this new activity.

4. Know your why

The vocabulary and technique might seem daunting at first but never forget why you want to do it in the first place. Dancing isn’t just about the steps, it’s about the feeling of the movement for you and those watching you move. Let your passion move you!

Best Teen Dance Classes in Bluffton!

Our Lime Green Family has TONS of little one’s wiggling around the studio but did you know we have Open Classes for our pre-teens, teens, and adults? Our open dance classes are for students in 8th-12th grade (9-12 years old) and adult dance students. We run 6-week sessions to accommodate busy teens and working adults in our Open Classes. We just LOVE helping our students continue their training, rediscover a passion for dance, OR take up a new hobby! Enrollment is still open in most classes, so come check out the best teen dance classes in Bluffton. 

Remember that dance is for everyone no matter what age or ability level. So get in the studio and give it a try, we know you will love dancing with us!

best summer activities for kids in bluffton

5 of the BEST Summer Activities for Kids in Bluffton/ Hilton Head Island

The countdown is ON to summer fun! While we are all about slowing down in the summer months, we also know that kids thrive with a little routine! Signing your child up for a few activities or a camp is a great way to keep your child engaged and learning this summer. Keeping a little routine in place makes the transition back to school SO much easier!

This is the perfect time to start scheduling in some FUN for your kids this summer. As you start to plan you summer, we wanted to make it just a little bit easier to comb through ALL the options! Below we have highlighted our top 5 summer activities for kids in Bluffton/ Hilton Head Island. All of our top 5 picks offer opportunities for your child to learn… but most importantly they allow kids to dive deeper into areas they are interested in, make meaningful new friendships, and have FUN!

Happy planning!

5 of the Best Summer Activities for Kids in Bluffton/ Hilton Head Island:

Bluffton School of Dance Summer Camps and Classes

OK, we may be a little biased, but we are SO proud of our summer line-up here at Bluffton School of Dance. This summer we are offering camps, a 4-week session of classes (ending with a showcase for friends and family!), and a special 2-week trial session JUST for new students and BSOD siblings.

This summer we are putting an extra focus on creativity and building confident young artists! During our elementary school camps, students will be playing a VERY active role. Each week our young artists will be producing a show. They will be learning choreography, helping teachers pick and cut the music, and designing costumes and decorations. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

We have summer options for kids ages 2+. Enrollment is OPEN (and filling quick!). We would love to have you join our Lime Green Dance Family!

Hilton Head Preparatory Summer Programs

Summer is the perfect time to dive a little deeper into subjects your child is passionate about. Hilton Head Preparatory is offering a wide selection of science, sports, and art camps. When we read through the options, WE wanted to sign up! These are NOT your typical summer camp options. Your child can spend a week launching their own YouTube channel or building a robot!

We know from the work we do at the studio that hands on learning is one of the BEST ways to grasp new ideas. These innovative camps are a great way to keep your child engaged this summer!

Island Rec Center

If you are looking for an all day camp that combines a wide range of activities, check out the options at Island Rec CenterThis summer they are offering all day summer camps for kids in K-8th grade. Expect weekly themes, daily crafts, games, pool time, and field trips. Island Rec Center also offers an inclusive camp for children with special needs!

Can’t commit to a full week? Daily rates are available. Perfect for busy families!

KidzArt Summer Camps

Where are our artists? If you child loves to craft, paint, and create, you NEED to check out the summer camps at IDEA Studio. Students will get to experience a real art studio and be encouraged to make a (creative!) mess. Every week explores a different art theme.

There are morning and afternoon options for kids in grades K-8th. Dedicated time to cultivating creativity is SO good for kids and spills over into everything they do!

H.H. Island Gymnastics Camp

H.H. Island Gymnastics is offering another fun all-day camp option! Their summer camp runs from June- August from 7:30-4pm. Daily rates and punch cards are available, which is GREAT for busy families. Children will spend time in the gym and stay busy with daily activities, crafts, and of course… snacks!

This camp would be a great option for for children that love to stay active. They will pick up some new gymnastics skills and make great memories with friends. Win, win! Check out their camp brochure here.

Who’s excited? We are very fortunate to live in a community that has SO many wonderful options for kids. There is really something for everyone and every interest!

We can’t wait to kick off our summer program here at Bluffton School of Dance. Seeing our kids gain new skills, find more confidence, and make lasting friendships during our camps and sessions inspires US! The summer session is short… but it packs a lot of punch! Without the rush of the school year our students accomplish SO much!

Need additional help picking the right program for your child? Ask! We are happy to help. We are looking forward to a fantastic summer!

dance recital in bluffton

Recital Week Survival Guide

Dance families… can you believe it?! We are just a few days away from recital and we could NOT be more excited! Our students have worked hard all year long and their dances are looking fabulous. We are so proud of our dancers and very thankful for our dance families. It wouldn’t be possible to put on the best dance recital in Bluffton without your support! 

We KNOW this is a hectic time of year. There is so much to remember as the school year ends and activities come to a close. So today on the blog we have done you all a favor by putting together our BSOD Recital Week Survival Guide! Follow these steps and it will be smooth sailing at theater… and even smoother sailing into SUMMER!

Step 1: Read ALL our BSOD Recital Information… twice!

This one is at the top of our list because it is single handedly the most important part of a successful recital week. Our staff at BSOD is dedicated to making sure you have all the details at your fingertips! As papers come home with your dancers and emails get sent out, be SURE to read, read, read.

Within our Recital Info Documents, you will find important dates/times, costume requirements, dress rehearsal schedules, ticket ordering details…. the list goes on and we’ve wrote it all down for you! If a question pops up, check those documents first! You might find your answer quicker than a phone call!

Step 2: If you have more than one dance, be sure to pack these essentials in your recital bag!

**If you only have one dance, please come ready to dance without anything extra. The BSOD team will have supplies to help dancers touch up hair and makeup backstage.**

  • Costumes… double, triple check for all small items like hair pieces or gloves
  • Dance shoes
  • Correct color tights (Not sure which color? Check your Recital Info)
  • Water and snacks
  • Hairspray… LOTS of it! Get all those fly away hairs sealed away.
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties
  • Make-up for touch ups at the theater
  • Printouts of Dress Rehearsal and Recital schedules for reference

Step 3: Arrive on-time … or early!

This one seems a little obvious but we can’t stress enough how important it is. Our recital is a huge production! Due to the size of this event, we can’t hold anything up for families and dancers who arrive late. ALL dancers should arrive on time or early to their scheduled times. Check the schedules included in your Recital documents for call times.

For our tiny dancers, we suggest arriving at the theater ready to go, how they are supposed to look on stage. Arriving in costume with hair and makeup complete is the best way to make sure the big day runs smoothly!

Step 4: Enjoy the moment!

Recital is such a special day for you and your dancer and we know it’s going to be the BEST dance recital in Bluffton, SC! Take some time to live it up! Recital can get chaotic, but try to forget about the stress once you’re at the theater. When your dancers hit the stage, watch them shine and take it all in. We know it’s going to be awesome.

Hopefully our BSOD Recital Week Survival Guide has you feeling prepared and excited for the big day, we know we are! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let our staff know. We are here to help. See you at the theater!