maintain friendships

How to help your kids maintain friendships and connect to your community!

As a parent, it can be heartwarming to watch your child navigate friendships at a young age. Seeing your child connect with others can be some of the BEST moments we get to experience as parents. These days, we are all experiencing the pandemic and suddenly those precious (and so valuable) moments are few and far between. Whether your child has a solid friendship group or needs a little help with organized playdates, friendships are a foundational support system (outside of our families!) that help our little ones build strong social and emotional skills and feel a sense of belonging.

We’ve rounded up a list from our community of safe ways to help your child maintain friendships and to remember we’re all in this together!

  • Get festive with friends
    With Halloween on the horizon, head to a pumpkin patch and spend the day carving with your kiddos. Be sure to check for updated hours and safety procedures at local farms.
  • Joe’s Ice Cream & Beverage Co
    Plan an ice cream social and relax outside on the patio while feeling great about supporting local. Side note: parents they have WINE ICE CREAM!
  • Coastal Discovery Museum
    Explore trails, gardens, butterfly enclosures, and more at the Coastal Discovery Museum while learning natural history and cultural heritage. Let the kiddos connect through an educationally enriching activity!
  • Crabby’s Corner Icery
    Stop by for a tasty treat at Crabby’s Corner and explore their quirky gift shop for some fun gifts and games.
  • A dance class at BLUFFTON SCHOOL OF DANCE!
    Of course, we saved the best for last! Dance is a GREAT way to make friends and build in connection for your kids this school year! We offer recreational dance classes for kids ages 2-6th grade. We are currently accepting enrollment to join our Lime Green Dance Family for the 2020/2021 school year. Dance class is a creative outlet, confidence booster, and most importantly a place for fun and friendships. Register online today!

2020/2021 BSOD Schedule

Whether you join BSOD for a dance class or support another local business in our community, it’s important for parents to continue to encourage their kiddos to maintain their friendships and feel connected to their community. Bluffton is a special place full of generous and supportive people. Let’s connect our kids while supporting our community!

P.S. New to our studio? Register for our Mini Session from October 19-December 5! The perfect opportunity for you to sampler different classes and get to know our dance family. Tuition is $99 with a $50 enrollment fee that is refundable if you don’t enroll in a class for January. Connect with us for more information!

return to activities

How to Prepare Your Child to Return to Activities!

This time of year is always full of buzz and excitement as our kiddos prepare for fall activities and a new school year. As the world slowly begins to reopen and we make plans for our “new normal,” we need to prepare our families both physically and mentally for what’s to come. With so much change in routine and environment, our kiddos need some extra care and attention in order to successfully return to activities.

At Bluffton School of Dance, we want to help make this transition as easy as possible for all of our families. We know that everyone is feeling the stress of all the uncertainty in the world right now. Our #1 goal is to be a place of consistency, comfort, and calm for your family this school year.

To help ease our dancers back into a schedule and feel equipped and ready for classes, we’ve outlined some helpful tips to help prepare your family to return to activities.

  • Let’s talk about it.
    The first step is to talk to your child about returning to dance class. They need to understand things have changed and activities will look different when returning to the studio for their protection and safety. Having a conversation with your child can emotionally prepare them for an environment change.

    This is the perfect opportunity to educate your child on germs and hygiene. There are some really great resources for kids to help explain the importance of personal hygiene and handwashing.
  • Practice new procedures.
    Learning to follow new studio procedures can be challenging especially for our little ones. Practice social distancing at home by teaching your child to maintain 6 ft with their family members and stuffed animals. Try skipping around the backyard wearing a mask! (Masks are only mandatory for Staff and any dancer age 8 and up).

    Normalizing these activities will better prepare your child for a fun return to the studio with their dance friends. If you haven’t already, be sure to read our last blog post to learn what studio policies and procedures we have put in place to welcome our kids back to the studio.
  • Prepare to return.
    Reading our new studio policies and procedures will help prepare you for new studio expectations and help keep our community safe. Before you arrive at the studio, make sure your kiddo is fully ready for class with a snack, bathroom break, and dressed in full dance attire. Please limit the number of items you bring to the studio for sanitary reasons. We are thrilled to welcome dancers back to the studio and we can’t wait to begin our dance school year.

    We are giving a 100% guarantee that your regular classes will happen through this entire year – same time, same day, same curriculum, same goals, same #limegreenlove. We are taking a tiered “Traffic Light” approach to classes for the 2020-2021 Dance Season. We are committed to providing your child with an amazing dance experience prioritizing safety above all.
  • Don’t forget about you!
    As we help our little ones return to classes, remember you are adjusting as well! Take some time to prepare yourself to ease back into a schedule. Our work life, eating patterns, sleep schedules, social skills – everything has shifted! Be gentle with yourself and remember things aren’t going back to normal.

    Kids can easily pick up on emotional cues so be conscious of your stress level meaning self-care is important for parents and for our kiddos. So have that glass of wine and carve out personal time!  

This is a challenging time for everyone but there are things we can do to help transition our families back into a schedule and thriving in our activities. There are so many wonderful benefits to dance education that can be a lifeline during this transitional time for our kiddos.If you haven’t already, be sure to register online for our 2020/2021 school year. Our #limegreenfamily is stronger than ever, and we are unbelievably proud of the support and dedication of our students, staff, and families. Thank you for trusting us to continue to give your child an amazing dance experience!

studio policies

How We Are Safely Welcoming Kids Back!

We know the last couple of months have been hard, and we’ve missed the amazing connection and #limegreenlove felt in our in-person classes! We are so unbelievably excited to welcome you back to the studio with our top priority being the health and safety of our students, staff, and families. We have gone through extraordinary lengths to create studio policies and procedures that allow us to socially dis-dance together!

We need our entire #limegreenfamily to work together to keep everyone safe! Before returning to classes and camps, we ask parents to complete our COVID Waiver (will be emailed) and a weekly BSOD Wellness Check. You can also read our Summer 2020 Protocols in more detail, which we have summarized below.

In order to safely welcome our kiddos back to the studio, we’ve implemented the following policies and procedures.

Studio policies:
All studio policies are in accordance with local health authorities to keep our #dancefamily moving!

  • BSOD lobby and hallways will be closed to ALL observers. With the exception of our Trial Classes, Tiny Tot and Broadway Babies families will be able to have ONE parent in the room for comfort, if the dancer needs it.
  • Water fountains will be closed to our dancers and families. Only the water bottle refill station will be available for use.
  • BSOD class sizes will be cut in half to accommodate the allowed number of people per 1000 sq feet.
    – Studios 1 & 2 will allow 5-7 dancers (depending on their age & allowance of family)
    – Studios 3 & 4 will allow 9-11 dancers (depending on age & style of dance)
    – Studio 5 will allow 12-15 dancers (depending on age & style of dance)
  • Class times will be staggered with breaks for cleaning. Teachers will be wiping down all areas, spraying disinfectant on carpeted walls, and steam cleaning the floors.
  • Bathrooms, entryways, and hallways will be cleaned at the start of every class. Thank you Miss Marisa for everything you do!

Class updates:
When preparing your kiddo for class, please come to the studio ready with these policies in place.

  • Masks are mandatory for Staff and any dancer age 8 and up before and after class. While actively dancing, dancers are not required to wear masks, but many are and they are ROCKING it!
  • Please limit the number of items you bring to class: yourself, small dance bag (shoes/props), and your water bottle. Each student will have a designated space for their personal items.
  • Students will not change – clothes or classrooms! Faculty will move rooms in between classes and students will wear the same dance attire.

Summer Camp:
All studio and class time policies will be in place for summer camps with some additional precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy!

  • Please send labeled sunscreen with your camper for outdoor dance and activity time while rooms are being cleaned inside.
  • Every child will have their own personal supply bin for crafts and activities. Prepare to get crafty!
  • We will be limiting shoe changes for all camps, so please only send them with their labeled dance shoes: sneakers, ballet or jazz
  • Camp performances will be held in our parking lot, if weather permits!

Virtual Summer:
We understand that not everyone is comfortable returning to the studio just yet, so we’ve created virtual options for your kiddo to participate from home!

  • Join our list of Virtual Dancers – we will be offering a limited number of Zoom classes this summer if there is a need/want for it.
  • Register for a class/camp and dance from home with the use of our new Camera System & Zoom. Be sure to let us know in advance so we can get you set-up!

We know this is a lot of information, but BSOD is committed to the safety of our #limegreenfamily! This has been a difficult time for everyone, and we believe dance and our community will help up through. We’re going to have a blast social dis-dancing together because now more than ever we need each other. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We’re so excited to welcome you back to your studio home!

COVID-19 Resources for Dancers

COVID-19 Resources for Dancers

Oof! Whatever you are stressed about right now…. just know, you are NOT alone. Between finances, health, and childcare, it’s just a lot. These are REAL issues, REAL concerns, and we are with you. We want to help. From our stuck-at-home family to yours, we are here to offer some positivity during this trying time. 

Want to know three things that make us smile over here at Bluffton School of Dance? Our smiley students, our supportive parents, and… yep, you guessed it… DANCE! Dancing releases endorphins. So even though it may seem harder than ever before, now is the MOST important time to make sure our students KEEP dancing. 

The dance community is a special one. We have been totally thrilled by the number of professional dance companies, studios, and individual dancers who have banded together to create virtual resources for fellow dancers. 

From live online classes, to at-home workouts, we’ve compiled a list of amazing resources for your dancers! We also threw in some general resources for our parents who are suddenly expected to be teachers AND parents! We’ve got you.

Check out these awesome resources for dancers and parents during COVID-19:

Dance Training:

  • Ballet Class with the Pros – A list of professional Ballet dancers that are offering virtual classes via Instagram/Facebook Live.
  • CLI Studios – The industries leading online class outlet is offering FREE classes during this time with your favorite choreographers. Visit the website for a complete schedule and get moving!
  • DANCIO – Take class with the stars of dance from the comfort of your own home. They are offering a free 2-week trial!
  • Dancing Alone Together – A day-by-day guide to all the live classes happening around the world! You will also find creative prompts and videos.
  • @FreeDanceTraining – Instagram account of free dance classes organized by @DoctorsForDancers
  • GAGA classes – Donation based Gaga classes through Zoom multiple times a day!
  • STEEZY – Explore different urban dance styles like house, breaking, and popping. Free 7-day trial!
  • Sugarfoot Therapy – Injury prevention workouts for dancers designed by a physical therapist

Staying Active:

  • BOKS – Free online fitness program for kids.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+
  • GoNoodle Keep your tiny dancer moving with these fun, free dance videos for the whole family!
  • LES MILLS On Demand – Another great resource for parents to experience over 800+ workouts from home. They’re offering free trials!

Exploring Art:

  • BroadwayHD – You can experience the magic of Broadway from home! They offer a 7-day free trial!
  • Met Opera – Every evening enjoy a FREE night at the opera from your couch! 

Virtual Learning:

  • ABC Mouse – Reading, math, science, and art for ages 2-8.
  • Kahn Academy – Free online learning and lesson plans for kids of ALL ages.
  • LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems – Mo welcomes you into his studio at home and guides you through drawing activities using one of his favorite characters as inspiration!

Stay informed:

Whether you’re homeschooling kids, trying to work from home, or doing your best to keep your dancer active, we hope that you find these links helpful! 

From all of us here at BSOD, we are sending you warm and healthy thoughts. Together we will make it through this time, and we can’t wait to see you all back at the studio. Happy living room dancing to all of our students!

love dance

Ways to share your #Limegreenlove with friends!

This month has us thinking about LOVE and why we just LOVE our Lime Green Family at BSOD! We might not be a family defined by blood but we’re a family brought together by heart and passion. Our love of dance is almost as strong as the values we instill and the communities we engage. What better way to celebrate the month of love than sharing your passion for our Lime Green Family with others.

Take your cupid’s arrow and fire away with these fun dance activities to share your #limegreenlove with your friends!

  • Bring your friends to a Preschool Party

Experiencing firsthand the magic of BSOD is the best way to spread the joy of dance. Invite your friends to the studio for dance, games, and loads of FUN! Prepare the little ones for a jam-packed afternoon! We have our preschool parties periodically throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled for the next one and start planning who you will bring! 

  • Invite them to watch a performance

Seeing dance live is a fun cultural experience for the whole family! Your kiddos will be swept away by the music, costumes, and lighting. Don’t even get us started on the dance moves! ;] There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to witness our #limegreendancers.

Check out our BSOD Performance Program for more information about upcoming performances in the community. Be sure to invite your friends to our biggest event of the year, our Spring Recital. We’re celebrating our 20th Anniversary on May 30th! Come witness the magic of BSOD live in theater!

Spring Recital Info

BSOD Performance Program

  • Make up dances at home together

Let your kiddo’s imagination run wild by bringing dance home. Plan a playdate and encourage your dancer to put on a show with their friends. Through teamwork and creativity, the kids will share an afternoon of laughs and wiggles. Be sure to capture the performance and share it with your #limegreenfamily!

  • Watch a Dance Movie together

Cuddle up and share your love of dance with a fun movie date with friends! Check out this list of best dance movies of all time. AND guess what movie is back on Netflix?! Center Stage! Even though you’re watching dance on a screen, it’s impossible to not feel inspired by the beauty and sport of dance.

  • Invite your friends to class with our Intro Class Package

The best way to share your #limegreenlove is to invite your friends to class. BSOD Offers a Two-Week Intro Class Package in all classes with availability for just $40! If you register, the $40 gets applied to your Registration Fee. Share your love of dance and BSOD for memories that will last a lifetime.

Intro Class Package

We encourage you to celebrate this month by sharing your love with others: giving, supporting, volunteering! We foster a special environment at BSOD that prioritizes family values, strong communities, and cultural engagement. Spread the love and share the movement with BSOD!

dance goals

How to Set Goals with Your Dancer

No matter how you feel about New Year’s resolutions, goal setting is imperative in any field. Measuring your progress and reaching for improvement keeps you inspired and focused. At Bluffton School of Dance, we LOVE seeing our dancers set goals, no matter what age. Sitting down with your child to figure out which goals make sense can be a fun way to start this year!

We’ve made setting dance goals with your kiddo simple and straightforward with the following guide:

  • Short and long-term goals
    It’s easy to hit a plateau or lose interest if goals are unrealistic or too far down the road. Talk with your dancer about separating goals into short and long-term categories. This gives your child a chance to celebrate little victories like mastering their left pirouettes or nailing a challenging combination. Long-term goals should be loftier and more time consuming like working towards their center splits or moving up a level in classes. Think S.M.A.R.T. when setting these goals! Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.
  • Shout it from the rooftops!
    Encourage your dancer to write their short and long-term goals down. Whether they track their progress through journaling or they have a visual reminder by their bedside, these goals should be seen and heard every day. Have your kiddo share their goals with other family members or friends to hold them accountable and keep them motivated.
  • Ask for help
    Maybe your child can’t think of any goals. That’s where we step in, #thelimegreenlegends! Encourage your little one to talk with their teacher after class about setting their dance goals. We see your child in class every week and know first-hand what steps or concepts they struggle with. We’ll offer suggestions and maybe even recommend adding a class or style to take your dancer’s training to the next level.

There’s still time to add a class to your schedule!

  • Dance for YOU!
    Last but certainly not least, remind your child that they should embrace who they are and dance for themselves. They will shine brighter when they embrace what they have to offer as a student and performer. That’s what makes them so special! Goals are important, but loving yourself is first.

We hope setting dance goals with your kiddo is a fun exercise that further inspires and encourages a strong work ethic in and outside the studio. Having deep ambitions transcends into a life of intention and purpose. BSOD is so much more than just a place for your child to take class, through dance we instill confidence, courage, and community. We love our #limegreenfamilyvalues! Happy New Year and enjoy setting (and accomplishing) those goals!

Best dance studio in Bluffton

Why BSOD Is Different

We’re feeling extra *power pose* bold about this statement: Bluffton School of Dance is the BEST dance studio in Bluffton! There are plenty of dance studios to choose from for your little one, but no one comes close to our #limegreenfamily. When you enroll in a class at BSOD you watch your child SOAR with confidence, BLOSSOM with courage, and SHINE with love and acceptance.

We’ve decided to pull back the curtain and reveal our secret sauce! We’d like to share with you what makes BSOD stand out from all the other great studios in Bluffton:

  • #limegreenfamily

First and foremost, cue Sister Sledge, because WE ARE FAMILY! BSOD is not just a dance studio, it’s a second home for our students and families. Dance brings us together, but our community holds us tight. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into creating a supportive and accepting environment for students of all ages and backgrounds to take RISKS and THRIVE.

  • Reaching out from within!

Not only do we want to impact the lives of our students but we want to take it ONE STEP FURTHER and connect with the WHOLE COMMUNITY. We offer open community events throughout the year to open our doors and extend our reach. We’re oozing with #limegreenlove and we just want to share it with everyone. Our next event is one for the books! Don’t miss our Daddy Daughter Dance on November 8th with tickets now on sale for $35/couple. Purchase those tickets by emailing:

  • BSOD Performance Program

Our Performance Program is full of dancers who LOVE dancing, LOVE performing, and LOVE working hard in class. This program is a GREAT place for dancers to be part of a team with extra performance opportunities. Who doesn’t love that?! Our Pre-Performance and Local Limelights are highlighted throughout our community at local events bringing dance to the people. Look out for monthly updates to see where our dancers are performing next in Beaufort County. We are always looking for passionate dancers to join us!

  • The Glue

Last but certainly not least, our staff is comprised of top-notch educators and passionate lovers of dance. Our teachers are the glue that keeps our family strong, instilling confidence and creativity into the lives of every little kiddo that walks through our door. We take pride in a team that fills our walls with equal parts sweat and laughter. Meet our team online today!

We are a passionate family with a deep love of sharing dance with our students, families, and community. Bluffton School of Dance is the BEST dance studio in Bluffton, and we are proud of the family we’ve built, the programs we’ve created, and the community we instill. Let our family be your family!

trial dance classes

How to Get the Most Out of Your Intro Class Package

With the kiddos back in school (FINALLY!) and fall creeping around the corner, it’s time to shake off summer and embrace the change of season. Let’s start by getting our ducks in a row and our little one’s squared away in their activities. Fall is the PERFECT time to try something new and Bluffton School of Dance has you covered with our intro dance classes.

Maybe your little one has been dancing around the yard all summer long? Or you want to dust off those old tap shoes and shuffle to class? Not sure if dance is your thing or your child’s passion? Sometimes you need to test the water before you dive right in, and that’s why BSOD offers trial dance classes.

Attending an intro dance class at BSOD is the BEST way to make sure our studio is a great fit for your family. BSOD offers a Two-Week Intro Class Package in classes with availability for just $40. If you register, the $40 gets applied to your Registration Fee. It’s a GREAT way to try classes before you commit!

To get the most out of your Intro Class Package, we gathered a few tips to fully submerge yourself and your little one at BSOD:

1. Meet the team

Interacting with staff is SUPER important when testing out a new studio. Notice the teachers and how they interact with you and your little one. At BSOD, you’ll instantly feel the #limegreenlove and that’s what makes us a family. We put our students and families first. During your intro class package, you will feel the BSOD difference in our customer service. 

2. Home Sweet Home

What do you feel when you walk into the studio? We highly recommend taking a full studio tour to get the lay of the land. You’ll see first hand that BSOD provides a clean and spacious studio for our students to thrive in. Our studio becomes a second home for many of our students and families. We do our best to make sure that it’s a place you want to spend time in!

3. Class time is the best time

Observe a class and notice the teacher-student dynamic. Do the students look engaged and happy? Talk to other parents around you and ask for first hand testimonials. What do you see and hear? Our teachers make sure to engage each student in class. We work on individual and group goals in all of our classes. The result? Confident dancers who improve every year and most importantly,  love what they do! 


Ask anything and everything that comes to mind. Our staff is here for you and the kiddos to make sure that you feel comfortable and welcomed at BSOD. Our intro class package is the perfect time to ask questions about our programs, teachers, and policies. We encourage all new families to pop by the front desk or chat with teachers at the end of class to get to know what we offer. 

At Bluffton School of Dance, we’re a dance family. During our trial class packages, we open our doors to students of all ages to learn, grow and have a great time. We hope you’ll give our Intro Class Package a test drive. Happy dancing and see you at the studio!

Teen dance classes in Buffton

Starting Classes for an Older Dancer

Late to the party? Or right on time!

Loads of people believe dance classes are meant for little kids, but we’d like to disagree. Bluffton School of Dance believes dance is for EVERYONE! That’s right – there is no expiration to your dance training. Whether you suddenly have an itch to move or you’re jumping back into dance classes, age is just a number. If you’re looking for teen dance classes in Bluffton, we have you covered!

Martha Graham, Rudolf Nureyev, and José Limón ALL started dance at a more mature age. The fabulous Misty Copeland started dance at the age of 13. She went on to become the FIRST African American woman Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theatre. Don’t let the thought of starting something new prevent you from experiencing greatness. It’s never too late to begin, and we’re here to help!

Our blog post today, offers guidance and inspiration to those pre-teen and teen movers looking to start dance classes. You haven’t missed the train, you’re right on time!

Tips to starting dance as an older student!

1.Pas de bou-what?!

Dance has a unique vocabulary specific to the genre and class you’re studying. DON’T BE ALARMED! Like any new language, it takes time to learn the vocabulary. These steps are always demonstrated in class by your teacher, so use your eyes and let the words slowly sink in.

2. Playing catchup

Don’t let the fear of starting something new hold you back. Use that motivation and passion for dance to your benefit. By putting in the time and focus, you’ll excel at a faster rate than a younger dancer because of your drive and work ethic.

3. Practice makes permanent

Practice for muscle memory and coordination but most importantly STRETCH AT HOME! Through repetition and consistency, your body will learn and adapt to this new activity.

4. Know your why

The vocabulary and technique might seem daunting at first but never forget why you want to do it in the first place. Dancing isn’t just about the steps, it’s about the feeling of the movement for you and those watching you move. Let your passion move you!

Best Teen Dance Classes in Bluffton!

Our Lime Green Family has TONS of little one’s wiggling around the studio but did you know we have Open Classes for our pre-teens, teens, and adults? Our open dance classes are for students in 8th-12th grade (9-12 years old) and adult dance students. We run 6-week sessions to accommodate busy teens and working adults in our Open Classes. We just LOVE helping our students continue their training, rediscover a passion for dance, OR take up a new hobby! Enrollment is still open in most classes, so come check out the best teen dance classes in Bluffton. 

Remember that dance is for everyone no matter what age or ability level. So get in the studio and give it a try, we know you will love dancing with us!

best kids activities in bluffton

6 Activities Your Child will LOVE this Fall in Bluffton

Once school is in session and summer fun comes to a close, it’s easy to forget about fun activities and excursions. BUT it becomes ALL the more important to keep the fun in our kid’s lives… after all, school can be stressful! After sitting in a desk all day, kids need creative outlets and opportunities to get them up and moving! 

After doing some research, we had to share some of our ideas! We know how hard parents work to find fun activities for their children… so in this month’s blog post we want to make your job a little easier! We put together a list of 6 Activities Your Child Will LOVE this Fall! 

Dance Classes at Bluffton School of Dance

We of course could NOT resist putting ourselves on this list! Getting kids up, moving, and expressing themselves is what we are MOST passionate about at BSOD. We offer fun and exciting dance classes for children as young as 2 years old! From ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, and lyrical, there is something for every little mover in our Fall Class Line-Up! We even offer a Super Hero class for boys and a Kickin’ Kinders class specifically for Kindergarteners! 

Ignite the Senses Children’s Gym

We have to say, we are SUPER impressed with Ignite the Senses’ kids offerings! They have such a wide variety of programs

Their Open Gym option is a great place to start, at an affordable rate of $12 for two hours of play-time! In addition, they offer art, music, and yoga classes for kids. Our favorite is their Break Time/Date Night options, because parents DESERVE a break! Not to mention their incredible facility of indoor playground equipment! This place looks like a child’s paradise! 

Bluffton ATA Martial Arts

At BSOD we take great pride in our classes because we watch our students soar with confidence when they dance. So when we find other local businesses that value confidence building as much as we do, we HAVE to spread the word!

Bluffton ATA Martial Arts offers Karate for Kids (for 7-12 year olds) and ATA Tigers (for 4-6 year olds). Their videos online show their students looking confident and powerful in class! We love it!

Workshops and Story Time at the Bluffton Public Library

We have an awesome public library here in Bluffton… don’t forget to take advantage of their opportunities for kids! We browsed their event calendar and a few things stuck out to us as awesome kids activities for the Fall.

They have a GREAT story time throughout the year geared specifically for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. They also have a ton of cool events for other student age groups like the Lego Robotics class, Pete The Cat Scavenger Hunt, and Anime Club for teens! Parents, they have amazing events, services, and a few book clubs to choose from for you too! 

Bluffton Youth Theatre

Bluffton Youth Theatre is a GREAT organization in our community! Their mission is to provide inclusive access to the performing arts through classes and productions. Students ages 5-17 learn all aspects of putting on a show! Check their website and Facebook page for upcoming programs.  Don’t miss their current production of The Wizard of Oz! At Hilton Head Preparatory August 8-11. There is nothing like watching a live performance! 

Oldfield Equestrian Center 

We have heard many of our dance families rave about the Oldfield Equestrian Center! If your child has an interest in horses or learning how to ride, this is THE place to check out! Enjoy the beautiful photos on their website and contact Oldfield to learn about their lessons. Connecting with nature is something we can definitely get behind! 

Have something to add to the list? We would love to hear from you! We are always looking for more kids activities in Bluffton!

We hope this list helps our dance parents’ out by making your search for kids activities just a little easier. We know how hard you work to make fun for your children!