"The discipline, physical fitness, grace, team work, and love my daughter has experienced here will help her succeed in life."

Open Dance Classes

Joe Tremaine, the legendary dancer and educator, said it best - dance training truly is life training! From confidence and poise to dealing with frustration gracefully, BSOD dance classes will help dancers navigate whatever comes their way!

Our open dance classes are for students in 8th-12th grade and adult dance students. We run 6-week sessions to accommodate busy teens and working adults.

We love helping older students continue their training, rediscover a passion for dance, OR take up a new hobby! Our caring teachers create an environment where ALL are welcome. We'd love to welcome you to our dance family!

Read more about our class options below and contact the studio if you need help picking a class (or two!). We are happy to help!

adult dance classes

Open Dance Classes (Grades 8-12 and Adults)

Our school year session begins August 5 and continues through the recital in May. Below you will find class descriptions, session dates, and pricing.  Get ready to feel the #limegreenlove! 


Mesmerizing to watch, Ballet is the basis of all dance. Combining strength with grace and flexibility with performance, Ballet is the only "shortcut" to creating a great dancer! Taking a weekly Ballet Class each week can help your dancer skyrocket to the next level! Each dancer will be placed according to Spring evaluations or during their first class.


The mathematician of dance, Tap is addicting and especially rewarding for our favorite perfectionists and musicians in life! Combining rhythm with smooth weight changes, you'll want to be sure to give your dancer a space to practice because once they start those feet will not stop shuffling! Each dancer will be placed according to Spring evaluations or during their first class.

Hip Hop

Pop, Lock, Break and Perform each week next to friends! Hip Hop Dancers will not stop moving in this one-hour class that introduces dancers to the basics of Hip Hop Technique and encourages them to find their Performance Personalities. Performing each week at the end of class, these kids will improve their choreography brains, their confidence and work off their energy from the long school day! Always a BSOD Favorite!

Lyrical/ Contemporary/ Modern

Dancers delight in the emotional connections they feel in Lyrical, Contemporary, and Modern dance. Moving to their favorite music, dancers not only work on perfecting techniques, but they also dive in to their own feelings and find a way to “speak” through their movements. These styles are always a favorite and send kids home less stressed, more confident and ready to take on the next day at school!
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Open Class Details

Session Dates: 

Session 1: August 5 - September 14
Session 2: September 16 - October 26
Session 3 (6-wk Performance Session): October 28 - December 14
Session 4: January 6 - February 15
Session 5: February 17 - March 28
Session 6 (8-wk Performance Session): March 30 - May 31

Session Fees: 

Non-Performance Sessions (1,2,4,5): $115
Holiday Performance Session (3): $130
Spring Recital Performance Session (6): $175
No registration fee for open classes! 

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