• Kickin' Kinders

    NEW Class offering for our Kindergarten Dancers! $75/MONTH

    So many things change when you start Kindergarten! We want to make sure that something stays comfortable, light and energetic in your dancers life! Our Kickin' Kinders Program bridges PreSchool Dance with Elementary School dance with one last year in Combo work and ONLY 5-6 yr old dancers THRIVING in a supportive, challenging and loving environment. This program is geared towards growing WITH the dancers as they get more comfortable throughout the year in their NEW world in school! Our Kickin' Kinders train in Tap, Ballet, Jazz and IMAGINATION of course! Classes offered TUESDAYS 4:30-5:20pm, WEDNESDAYS 5:30-6:20pm and SATURDAYS 10:30-11:20am.
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Dance Classes for our Amazing 1st - 5th Graders


Once your child enters First Grade, the amazing and diverse world of dance opens up to them. Imagine how fast they can improve and flourish when they are able to concentrate in the disciplines of their choice for a full hour each week at the perfect level for each individual! Plus, they can still enjoy class with their friends from school or aim to meet NEW friends – because dance friends are the BEST FRIENDS! So many options and opportunities lie ahead for these remarkable kids! CLICK HERE to see our Full Class Schedule

  • Ballet

    The Building Blocks of Dance

    Mesmerizing to watch, Ballet is the basis of all dance. Combining strength with grace and flexibility with performance, Ballet is the only "shortcut" to creating a great dancer! Taking a weekly Ballet Class each week can help your dancer skyrocket to the next level! Each dancer will be placed according to Spring evaluations or during their first class.
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  • Tap

    The Mathematician of Dance

    the Mathematician of dance, Tap is addicting and especially rewarding for our favorite perfectionists and musicians in life! Combining rhythm with smooth weight changes, you'll want to be sure to give your dancer a space to practice because once they start those feet will not stop shuffling! Each dancer will be placed according to Spring evaluations or during their first class.
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  • Jazz

    Performance and Power

    Get your heart pumping in a high-speed and action-packed Jazz class. Power, Balance and Personality best describe this energetic style of dance. Jazz dancers go on to be amazing theater performers, dance team members and even cheerleaders due to the powerful technical background, performance quality and stamina it gives your dancer.
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  • Acro

    Tumbling & Dancing Combine to create our most Popular class!

    Dancers channel their inner Olympics-meets-Cirque dreams while they build muscles and power! This 8 and up class focuses on building the basics of strength, flexibility and CONFIDENCE to give dancers the tools they need to create a love of acro and tumbling. In this hour-long class, Acro dancers get to enjoy seeing their weekly improvements while dancing beside their friends. As skills improve, our Acro classes begin creating combinations that include jazz, contemporary, lyrical and ACRO of course!
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  • HipHop

    Rhythm, Style and a little Breaking too...

    Pop, Lock, Break and Perform each week next to friends! HipHop Dancers will not stop moving in this one-hour class that introduces dancers to the basics of HipHop Technique and encourages them to find their Performance Personalities. Performing each week at the end of class, these kids will improve their choreography brains, their confidence and work off their energy from the long school day! Always a BSOD Favorite!
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  • Lyrical/Contemporary

    Emotion, Technique and Grace

    Dancers delight in the emotional connections they feel in Lyrical and Contemporary dance. Moving to their favorite music, dancers not only work on perfecting techniques, but they also dive in to their own feelings and find a way to “speak” through their movements. These styles are always a favorite and send kids home less stressed, more confident and ready to take on the next day at school!
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Want to Try Some Dance Classes?

BSOD Offers Two-Week Trial Sessions in all open classes for just $40! If you register the $40 gets applied to your Registration Fee! A GREAT way to try class before you commit! We cannot wait to meet you and your tiny dancer! Begin your dance journey today and Click on the Button to Trial your favorite class!