Recital Week Survival Guide

Dance families… can you believe it?! We are just a few days away from recital and we could NOT be more excited! Our students have worked hard all year long and their dances are looking fabulous. We are so proud of our dancers and very thankful for our dance families. It wouldn’t be possible to put on the best dance recital in Bluffton without your support! 

We KNOW this is a hectic time of year. There is so much to remember as the school year ends and activities come to a close. So today on the blog we have done you all a favor by putting together our BSOD Recital Week Survival Guide! Follow these steps and it will be smooth sailing at theater… and even smoother sailing into SUMMER!

Step 1: Read ALL our BSOD Recital Information… twice!

This one is at the top of our list because it is single handedly the most important part of a successful recital week. Our staff at BSOD is dedicated to making sure you have all the details at your fingertips! As papers come home with your dancers and emails get sent out, be SURE to read, read, read.

Within our Recital Info Documents, you will find important dates/times, costume requirements, dress rehearsal schedules, ticket ordering details…. the list goes on and we’ve wrote it all down for you! If a question pops up, check those documents first! You might find your answer quicker than a phone call!

Step 2: If you have more than one dance, be sure to pack these essentials in your recital bag!

**If you only have one dance, please come ready to dance without anything extra. The BSOD team will have supplies to help dancers touch up hair and makeup backstage.**

  • Costumes… double, triple check for all small items like hair pieces or gloves
  • Dance shoes
  • Correct color tights (Not sure which color? Check your Recital Info)
  • Water and snacks
  • Hairspray… LOTS of it! Get all those fly away hairs sealed away.
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties
  • Make-up for touch ups at the theater
  • Printouts of Dress Rehearsal and Recital schedules for reference

Step 3: Arrive on-time … or early!

This one seems a little obvious but we can’t stress enough how important it is. Our recital is a huge production! Due to the size of this event, we can’t hold anything up for families and dancers who arrive late. ALL dancers should arrive on time or early to their scheduled times. Check the schedules included in your Recital documents for call times.

For our tiny dancers, we suggest arriving at the theater ready to go, how they are supposed to look on stage. Arriving in costume with hair and makeup complete is the best way to make sure the big day runs smoothly!

Step 4: Enjoy the moment!

Recital is such a special day for you and your dancer and we know it’s going to be the BEST dance recital in Bluffton, SC! Take some time to live it up! Recital can get chaotic, but try to forget about the stress once you’re at the theater. When your dancers hit the stage, watch them shine and take it all in. We know it’s going to be awesome.

Hopefully our BSOD Recital Week Survival Guide has you feeling prepared and excited for the big day, we know we are! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let our staff know. We are here to help. See you at the theater!