How to Get the Most Out of Your Intro Class Package

With the kiddos back in school (FINALLY!) and fall creeping around the corner, it’s time to shake off summer and embrace the change of season. Let’s start by getting our ducks in a row and our little one’s squared away in their activities. Fall is the PERFECT time to try something new and Bluffton School of Dance has you covered with our intro dance classes.

Maybe your little one has been dancing around the yard all summer long? Or you want to dust off those old tap shoes and shuffle to class? Not sure if dance is your thing or your child’s passion? Sometimes you need to test the water before you dive right in, and that’s why BSOD offers trial dance classes.

Attending an intro dance class at BSOD is the BEST way to make sure our studio is a great fit for your family. BSOD offers a Two-Week Intro Class Package in classes with availability for just $40. If you register, the $40 gets applied to your Registration Fee. It’s a GREAT way to try classes before you commit!

To get the most out of your Intro Class Package, we gathered a few tips to fully submerge yourself and your little one at BSOD:

1. Meet the team

Interacting with staff is SUPER important when testing out a new studio. Notice the teachers and how they interact with you and your little one. At BSOD, you’ll instantly feel the #limegreenlove and that’s what makes us a family. We put our students and families first. During your intro class package, you will feel the BSOD difference in our customer service. 

2. Home Sweet Home

What do you feel when you walk into the studio? We highly recommend taking a full studio tour to get the lay of the land. You’ll see first hand that BSOD provides a clean and spacious studio for our students to thrive in. Our studio becomes a second home for many of our students and families. We do our best to make sure that it’s a place you want to spend time in!

3. Class time is the best time

Observe a class and notice the teacher-student dynamic. Do the students look engaged and happy? Talk to other parents around you and ask for first hand testimonials. What do you see and hear? Our teachers make sure to engage each student in class. We work on individual and group goals in all of our classes. The result? Confident dancers who improve every year and most importantly,  love what they do! 


Ask anything and everything that comes to mind. Our staff is here for you and the kiddos to make sure that you feel comfortable and welcomed at BSOD. Our intro class package is the perfect time to ask questions about our programs, teachers, and policies. We encourage all new families to pop by the front desk or chat with teachers at the end of class to get to know what we offer. 

At Bluffton School of Dance, we’re a dance family. During our trial class packages, we open our doors to students of all ages to learn, grow and have a great time. We hope you’ll give our Intro Class Package a test drive. Happy dancing and see you at the studio!