How Dance Prepares Us for Life

As life has been turned upside down by our current global pandemic, we’re asked as individuals and citizens to stay home to slow the spread of the virus and to help those more vulnerable. Day after day, we see in Bluffton the undeniable beauty of empathy and endurance as our community works together to keep our local businesses alive. Bluffton School of Dance has personally felt the support and strength of our amazing #limegreenfamily and we’re unbelievably grateful to have so many incredible families at our studio.

Character is revealed in crisis! How then, do you build character, resilience, flexibility? You guessed it – dance teaches us these skills! You might have thought we were just teaching your children steps. Absolutely not! At BSOD, we’re preparing your kiddos for life!

Let’s break down how dance prepares us for life!

  • Dance builds a strong work ethic.

Like any sport, dance requires hard work and dedication to master skills and improve technique. Staying focused and motivated around our dance goals takes effort. The countless classes and long hours teaches our dancers drive – a skill that stays with them for life!

  • Dance teaches flexibility – more than just the splits.

A core concept in dance is adaptability! Whether a dancer is responding to a creative task or challenged with moving in a new way, dancers learn to stay open. Listening with their bodies and minds creates sensitivity and awareness. Now wouldn’t you love everyone in your life to have that skill! ;]

Speaking of flexibility: THANK YOU FOR BEING OPEN TO A NEW WAY OF DOING RECITAL. We are so proud of our dancers and families for going with the flow and making the best of a hard situation! Together, we are resilient!

  • Dance develops creativity.

At BSOD, our goal isn’t to grow a fleet of professional dancers. Our goal is to develop creative citizens! Dance teaches us to think outside the box, to move through life differently. A creative individual is better equipped to handle challenging obstacles and imagine creative solutions.

  • Dance builds community.

Dance shows us the importance of community inside and outside the studio. We foster a special environment at BSOD that prioritizes family values, strong communities, and cultural engagement. Your little one learns the importance of being a strong citizen and giving back to a larger community through dance.

Dance training is life training! We are proud to devote our lives and this studio to growing empowered citizens ready to take on the world. Dance is our vehicle for change and we’re so glad you’re on this ride with us. Stay strong and let’s dance on!