Silver lining of online dance classes – benefits of learning in a NEW way!

The past couple of months have been tough! Finding a sense of normalcy and sticking to a schedule has been a struggle for the whole family. As parents, we’ve been inundated with emails, webinars, video conference calls, courses, and the list goes on as our world transitions to virtual. How can these online resources actually benefit our families in the long run? This is why BSOD has carefully crafted our Virtual Dance Studio to support your family and your dancer’s training through this pandemic and beyond. 

Let’s look at the silver lining and how we can grow from these obstacles. We’re all about #limegreenlove and positivity in our community, so let’s lean in and make the best of our current situation. 

What are the benefits of learning in a new way with online dance classes?

  • Adapting to change.

Being adaptable and navigating the many challenges that disrupt our lives is an extremely important skill to have in dance and life. By taking classes at home, your child is learning in a new setting through a new method. This is an emotional and physical adjustment that takes practice and determination but our amazing faculty is there every step of the way. Challenge your child with online dance classes with an art form that instills the importance of community, confidence, and creativity.

  • Take it at your pace.

The beauty of online learning is the ability to rewind, fast-forward, and pause videos during your classes. Imagine having a question and being able to pause your teacher and take a deeper look at a step. Your dancer will have the ability to hone their skills through repetition while instilling a home practice. Even after we return to the studio, your dancer will be more inclined to use their time at home productively by improving their technique and cross-training. Plus, you have the added bonus of taking class on your own time giving you flexibility and freedom in your schedule.

  • Be responsible for your own training.

Taking care of our bodies and living a healthy lifestyle from home is unbelievably difficult. It takes strong willpower to pick yourself up from melting in the couch and start training. Motivation can be a learned practice by setting structure and forming new habits. Doing hard things during difficult times builds strong character and work ethic in your child. Beyond technique and endurance, dance is a physical and emotional outlet that can support your child through these rocky times.

Dance has so much to offer our families and larger community! Even from home, online dance classes can further your kiddo’s dance training and enhance their life skills. Our dance classes look different right now but the show must go on and dance must continue. Come join our #limegreencommunity online with our Virtual Dance School. We’re even offering virtual options for our Summer Camps! See you online!

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