Why We are Thankful for Dance

November is a beautiful reminder to reflect and show gratitude for the people, places, and things that fill our lives with happiness. What makes us burst with joy this holiday season? At Bluffton School of Dance, we have so many things to be grateful for, but at the top of our list, we’re thankful for dance!

Nothing brings a bigger smile to our face than seeing our studios filled with inspired dancers twirling, tapping, and tumbling. We’ve decided to share with you why we’re thankful for dance today and every day.

You Better WERK!

No matter what anyone says, dance is an athletic sport that takes rigorous training and mastery of coordination, strength, flexibility, stamina…. and the list goes on. With such high standards in training, we’re thankful to have dance in our lives to instill and inspire a work ethic like no other sport. Dance teaches us that hard work pays off, AND we can have loads of fun while we work towards our BSOD dance goals.

FREE Therapy

We’ve all been there – had a bad day, went to dance class, and came out SMILING! Yes, our BSOD teachers have a magic touch, but it’s also because dance can be our own personal form of therapy. Dance is a creative outlet and a form of expression. It allows us to grapple, explore, and interpret our feelings through movement. It’s actually scientifically proven that dance releases more endorphins than aerobic movement meaning dance = PURE JOY!

Dance is for Everyone!

The most beautiful thing about dance is the simplest – dance is for anyone! Any age, gender, ethnicity, body type, human or not. Dance is a universal form of expression meaning it knows no boundaries. With so many different perspectives, dance celebrates individuality. Yes, we learn our combinations and clean our routines, but dance allows us to be individuals like snowflakes in winter. No one moves like you, and that’s what makes you so special!


The most amazing benefit of having dance in our lives is the community we’ve built and the connection we have in our #limegreenfamily. Our dance family isn’t like your average studio, our parents ROCK! They go above and beyond for each other and BSOD. We witness our students put their heart and soul into their training and see continual growth year after year. BSOD teachers are passionate creatives who constantly amaze us with their dedication to our students and our dance community. Dance brought us together, but YOU make us a family!

We’re feeling extra thankful this holiday season for the gift that keeps on giving. Dance continually inspires, teaches, and connects our world. Don’t forget to show your body generous appreciation over the break and maybe an EXTRA slice of pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving you #limegreenturkeys!