How to Prepare Your Child to Return to Activities!

This time of year is always full of buzz and excitement as our kiddos prepare for fall activities and a new school year. As the world slowly begins to reopen and we make plans for our “new normal,” we need to prepare our families both physically and mentally for what’s to come. With so much change in routine and environment, our kiddos need some extra care and attention in order to successfully return to activities.

At Bluffton School of Dance, we want to help make this transition as easy as possible for all of our families. We know that everyone is feeling the stress of all the uncertainty in the world right now. Our #1 goal is to be a place of consistency, comfort, and calm for your family this school year.

To help ease our dancers back into a schedule and feel equipped and ready for classes, we’ve outlined some helpful tips to help prepare your family to return to activities.

  • Let’s talk about it.
    The first step is to talk to your child about returning to dance class. They need to understand things have changed and activities will look different when returning to the studio for their protection and safety. Having a conversation with your child can emotionally prepare them for an environment change.

    This is the perfect opportunity to educate your child on germs and hygiene. There are some really great resources for kids to help explain the importance of personal hygiene and handwashing.
  • Practice new procedures.
    Learning to follow new studio procedures can be challenging especially for our little ones. Practice social distancing at home by teaching your child to maintain 6 ft with their family members and stuffed animals. Try skipping around the backyard wearing a mask! (Masks are only mandatory for Staff and any dancer age 8 and up).

    Normalizing these activities will better prepare your child for a fun return to the studio with their dance friends. If you haven’t already, be sure to read our last blog post to learn what studio policies and procedures we have put in place to welcome our kids back to the studio.
  • Prepare to return.
    Reading our new studio policies and procedures will help prepare you for new studio expectations and help keep our community safe. Before you arrive at the studio, make sure your kiddo is fully ready for class with a snack, bathroom break, and dressed in full dance attire. Please limit the number of items you bring to the studio for sanitary reasons. We are thrilled to welcome dancers back to the studio and we can’t wait to begin our dance school year.

    We are giving a 100% guarantee that your regular classes will happen through this entire year – same time, same day, same curriculum, same goals, same #limegreenlove. We are taking a tiered “Traffic Light” approach to classes for the 2020-2021 Dance Season. We are committed to providing your child with an amazing dance experience prioritizing safety above all.
  • Don’t forget about you!
    As we help our little ones return to classes, remember you are adjusting as well! Take some time to prepare yourself to ease back into a schedule. Our work life, eating patterns, sleep schedules, social skills – everything has shifted! Be gentle with yourself and remember things aren’t going back to normal.

    Kids can easily pick up on emotional cues so be conscious of your stress level meaning self-care is important for parents and for our kiddos. So have that glass of wine and carve out personal time!  

This is a challenging time for everyone but there are things we can do to help transition our families back into a schedule and thriving in our activities. There are so many wonderful benefits to dance education that can be a lifeline during this transitional time for our kiddos.If you haven’t already, be sure to register online for our 2020/2021 school year. Our #limegreenfamily is stronger than ever, and we are unbelievably proud of the support and dedication of our students, staff, and families. Thank you for trusting us to continue to give your child an amazing dance experience!